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Ancient relics:
The Grosvenor pub is on Sidney Road, just 1 block off of Stockwell Road (the A203). Sidney Road becomes Robsart Street and runs East-West between Stockwell Rd and Brixton Road (North of Central Brixton half-way to Kennington Park & Oval.)
Driving: Consult your A-Z... completely essential if driving in London and not familiar with the streets.
Stockwell Tube: Go to Stockwell by tube and then walk South (walk straight out of the tube station's only exit and directly across the street... towards the Swan pub that has alot of cheezy ads for look-alike Robbie Williams tribute bands and the like. Once across the street keep heading down this road straight ahead (it's Stockwell Rd) and after a few blocks cross the street. There will be a 4-way intersection after a few shops (there's a pub being renovated on the corner that used to be called "the Plug" and you need to go EAst (left) onto Sidney Rd. You'll probably see some punks milling around. Don't hang around outside too much as the pub landlord is getting loads of grief off the ol' bill and local community groups about punx sitting on the fence outside drinking and being poseurs and throwing their rubbish onto the estate.
Brixton tube: Walk out of the only exit for Brixton tube. Take a RIGHT and walk past Sainsburies and all of that, don't be offended if someone calls out 'SKUNK" to you (they don't think you smell, they want you to buy drugs off of them- always a bad idea unless you like smoking oregeno!) Go a few blocks in this general direction (north), under the bridge, past the Beehive & a few cashmachines & take the LEFT at Bernardos charity shop (towards the BRIXTON ACADEMY). Follow this Road around past the Stockwell Skate Park (skate or die!!!!), a few blocks up and take a RIGHT after the first estate block onto Sidney Road. You're there!