ScumFest 2005 (the first one!)

Wednesday June 01st
Benefit Gig-
Provoked (Minneapolis punk-as-fuck on Profane Existence records) + Bait (Norwich dark, twisted, abrasive metallic HC, ex Deviated Instinct/ SpineWrench ) + Texas Motherfuckers (Sweden, ass-kicking rock n’ roll- imagine Black Flag beating up Turbonegro!) + Koresh (UK Stoner Doom-core, Iron Monkey meets Satan) @ the Grosvenor.
A benefit for Defy ID: – against the introduction of identity cards, Big Brother & a central database of personal information on citizens which can be misused by the state and corporations.

Thursday June 02nd
Watch out for news of D.I.Y. workshops at the 56a Infoshop
Silkscreening/stencil making workshop.
Bruce Banner (USA, ex D.S.13 amongst others) + Flyblown (ex-Scalplock London noise) + Deathskulls (Southend HC) !!!NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE!!! @ Ryan’s Bar, 181 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16. (at juntion with Albion Rd.) Buses 73 & 476. Tel: 020 7275 7807.

Saturday June 04th
Scumbag Olympics & punx picnic
Rain or shine (there will be cover)- 1pm in Crystal Palace Park. Come early or miss it all!
Bring yer refreshments & food to share, a football, ideas for ridiculous games to play in the Scumbag Olympics (drunk brick-throwing contest anyone?), a good D.I.Y. attitude etc.
(Crystal Palace/Penge rail station, Buses: 3 (from Oxford Circus), 122, 157, 202, 227, 249, 322, 358, 363, 410, 417, 432, 450. More travel info: Brixtonscum infoline: 07939 198352.
Benefit Gig-
Bomberegn (Denmark) + Moral Dilemna + Ramraid the Offie + the Morons + Headjam + ST/DC + Give Up All Hope + Beyond Repair + Bottlejob+ Doozer (UK air guitar champion!) @ Cambridge Heath Road Bridge Cafe. More info: 0798 655 1529. 9pm-late. A benefit for Vegan Campaigns.

Sunday June 05th
Benefit Gig-
Raw Power (old skool “fuck authority!” power thrash from Rome) + In the Shit (Wales) + Give Up All Hope (Brixton D-beat) + Short Bus Window Lickers @ the Grosvenor. 8.30pm start unless otherwise informed at other Scummy events.
A benefit for the 56a Infoshop.