Bands 2011

Phil Vane RIP and Dean Jones


A holocaust in your head!

The last edition to this years ScumFest is a band that needs no introduction… the legendary EXTREME NOISE TERROR.

This appearance is in aid of Phils family, and although sadly without Phil present will still prove to be a brutal and moving performance.

RIP Phil

DEVIATED INSTINCT (UK) Play it again… The SFC are happy to announce purveyors of stenchcore DEVIATED INSTINCT will be playing this years ScumFest! Formed in Norwich in 1984 DEVIATED INSTINCT combined the ideals of the anarcho punk scene of the time with the metallic sounds of the likes of Celtic Frost, Venom and Motorhead. The unique sound they cultivated and evolved throughout their drunken existence has influenced countless other bands both past and present. ScumFest may prove to be Deviated Instinct’s only live appearance for 2011 as some of the funds raised will go to the family of the late Phil Vane, a close friend of the band. DEVIATED INSTINCT (UK)

APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT (USA) Thrashing mountain punx! From the mountains of West Virginia, to Peckham’s Bussey Building come APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT, a band that cite influence from AMEBIX, MISERY and early SEPULTURA.  Drawing lyrics from eco issues and mankind’s destructive ways, ATU churn out a dual vocal storm that has had them compared to NAUSEA, so much so they have been nicknamed EXTINCTION side 3 by some. ATU will be 10 days into their Euro tour when ScumFest rolls around, so they should be a well oiled ecopunk unit by the time they take the stage (or maybe just tired and hungover?) Come to ScumFest 2011 to find out! //

FUK (UK) … you have a shit and enjoy that shit but there will be always someone who will pick up that shit ,clean and polish it until it shines and sparkles bright ,but at the end of the day it’s still the same old shit …….we are F.U.K!……. this band was born from CHAOS UK Born from the cider hangover that was CHAOS UK. With influences cited as glue, cider, agressive punk, metal, goth, and other  peoples misery, this bunch are snotty straight up punk at its best.  Perhaps best described as sharing a sound likened to that of a hornets nest rolling around in a washing machine! Raise your flaggons for FUK! //

GENITAL DEFORMITIES (UK) …Are a metal/punk/grindcore band from the UK and have been around since 1988.They started off as a two piece band incorperating a drum machine into their manic thrash punk sound drawing influences from early NAPALM DEATH,CELTIC FROST and other noise and metal bands of the time.They released the SHAG NASTY lp after a year togeather and got a good following on the metal and punk scene.they played up and down the country in the late 80′s early 90′s.until their 15 years on their back with a new 7” split ep.and are back in london for the first time in over 18 years! They now play a heavier grinding style but still continue to draw their influence from  metal and punk. GENITAL DEFORMITIES (UK) //


SIMBIOSE are from Portugal and play a heavy mix of punk,crust, meatal and hardcore. They have toured Europe extensively, released a ton of recordings including split EP’s with the like of AGATHOLES and DRILLER KILLER. Now in their 20th year as a band they are as tight as ever and have decided to head back to the UK to hurry along the apocalypse… SIMBIOSE (PORTUGAL)

ICON OF EVIL (POLAND) This project was formed in 2008 from the ashes of Evil. In the band play also people known from Infekcja, Wojtyla and Creeping Corrupt.  Main inspirations are Bolt Thrower, crust, old metal. They just released split LP w/ The Bold And The Beautiful. // FALLING DOWN (UK) ‘an elevator shaft’ hard core punk conceived in the crack dens of south london amidst the great drone epidemic of 2010 this 4 piece boasts a truly international line up, with members hailing from new zealand, USA and even as far away as hamilton. Described in the stockwell gazette as “a bit noisy” and “really good” Falling Down play straight to the point, -short, fast and loud music with lyrics covering subjects such as bogus decease epidemics, super villains and religion prisons. influences come from a broad cross section of genres such as slayer and lady gaga, however their sound has been more accurately compared to minor threat , F – minus and missing teeth. with half the band female and half male Falling Down grind out some dynamic and entertaining vocal arrangements, and have also been known to pimp out members after shows in exchange for drugs or food, so who knows, if you like what you see, maybe you could get lucky? you never know unless you try right? scum fest 2011, get involved, get in the bin falling down,…”good times”!/pages/Falling-Down/152198638139745 //
UNHAIM (SWISS)  was formed in 2003 when Billy and Michu, after several beers in a pub, decided they wanted to play brutal music.  After a few rotations in the band, and changes of musical character, they play something between American 80′s hardcore and European hardcore punk from the 90′s.  Unhaim are formed from people from such bands as BAGER, PACK, S.O.L, NORAH, LOST and BRUTAL MASSACRE.  See you at the gig!

GREEN RIVER KILLER (shITALY) BULLETRIDDEN We hate fascism and love booze BULLET RIDDEN are hardcore punk band hailing from the West Country (UK) who draw influence from crust, metal and the horrendous shortcomings of modern life. Featuring members of loads of bands to numerous to mention, BULLETRIDDEN’S metal-tinged crust will make your ears bleed and have you coming back for more. Striking the balance for those who like Entombed style riffing and socially aware lyrics. BULLET RIDDEN (UK)

Meinhof is a punk band based in London (UK). They were among the first bands to fuse digital hardcore with crust punk, however their style has evoluted into d-beat and punk rock. Currently the band consists of 3 members. Female vocal/bass, guitar and drums. The band have always been outspoken regarding issues such as anarchism, anti-war, anti-racism and in their support of the movement Antifa. The Meinhof original logo has been mistakenly interpreted as reference to the Rote Armee Fraktion, however, the band’s guitaris, Jarek, states that it is a resistance symbol only, that fits to the band’s message and music. They played a lot of tours, including Japan and Brazil.


Hardcore, the way it should be..loud, fast and obnoxious, The lowest form
are Londons own answer to Sex Vid.