ScumFest 2013

After a very successful ScumFest 2013 the collective would like to announce that, after the cost of running our annual festival, we raised £700 for the DIY Space for London group.
If you are putting on benefit gigs please consider their project as there is still lots of money to be raised to make this dream of a London social space a reality.

Thanks, as always, to all of the bands for donating their time and energy for making it all worth it. Without them none of this would happen. Thanks to everyone who volunteered in any way shape or form and, of course, thanks to the scumbags who showed up and rocked out with us. It was really one to remember.



DOOM (England/Sweden)    11:30pm-12:10am

BLACK CODE (France)   10:30-11:10pm

WANKYS: (England)   9:45-10:10pm

ACTIVE MINDS (England)   8:50-9:25pm

ANO (England)   CANCELLED!

SLOW PLAGUE instead!  8:00-8:30pm

@ the boston dome/ 178 junction rd/ tufnell park/ N19 5QQ

doors 7pm sharp!/ vegan food/ £8


SATURDAY 25th MAY 2013:

OI POLLOI (Finland/Scotland)   11:20pm-12:00am

CONTORT (Ireland)   10:40-11:00pm

LAST LEGION ALIVE (Belgium)   9:40-10:20pm

INFEKCJA (Poland)   8:40-9:20pm

PUTREFACTION (Ireland)   7:50-8:20pm

THISCLOSE (Scotland)   7:00-7:30pm

CYDERNIDE (England)    6:10-6:40pm

GOOD THROB (England)   5:30-5:50pm

@ the boston dome/ 178 junction rd/ tufnell park/ N19 5QQ

doors 2pm sharp!/ vegan food/ distros/ projections/ £10




2-6.30pm @ north end of Kennington Park, SE11  (oval or kennington tube)

Kid friendly.  Three-legged race, 50 Yard Drunk race, Tug-o-war & the infamous Drunk Brick-Throwing Contest!


Then…  ScumFest hangover Gig

MEINHOF (England) Start 11pm

THE JACK RATTS (England) Start 10pm

THE LOWEST FORM (England) Start 9pm

RABIES BABIES (England) Start 8:15pm

FRAU (England) start 7:30pm


£6/ 7pm start @ the Grosvenor,  17 Sidney road Stockwell  SW9 0TP.

No advance tickets.


Proceeds from scumfest 2013 to benefit  diy space london ( a project working to create a DIY space with radical values  for music and other countercultural activities in London.

The ScumFest collective is a 100% not-for-profit collective.

We aim to create a space that is free of sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia.

1struggle1fight/ this is a benefit event so no blagging!


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