SF2010- the Aftermath

A huge thanx to all those who attended and supported ScumFest 2010. Cheers also to the following: The Bastard Sqaud Collective, The Deathdrop Crew and all other volunteers for their help throughout the weekend. Poisoning the waves & Russian Nick for their donations, The Reknaw crew (for sterling sound given their current situation), Joe siren for the lighting, the Cafe crew, the Teeny Tiny Tato company for yet another punk bingo extravaganza! Thanx also to the United & Strong Crew for their donation and for stewarding on the Sat night. Last but not least thanx  to all the bands, whom without we would not have had much in the way of a festival! Special thanks also to INSURRECTION for donating their travel costs to the benefits!
Overall we, as a collective are pretty happy with how smoothly the fest went and despite some trouble with the council on the Friday, the rest of the weekend ran more or less hitch free.
Apologies for the delay in letting you all know exactly how much £ has been secured for the benefits. This was namely due to the fact we were waiting to see if we got our bond on the Bussey building back . Unfortunately as there was some damage done this will not be the case (graffiti, broken window and door) Despite the damage we/you still raised the following:

£ 2,000

Split between the following:

L.G.B.T.I (£666)

56@ InfoShop (£666)

Gender L’viv (£666)

We also made a £350 an additional donation to Reknaw towards a new sound system as there one was destroyed in an arson attack just prior to ScumFest.

Any suggestions or feedback regarding the weekend is welcome, as are any photos or footage from the weekend.

What Next?

Plans are afoot for ScumWINTERfest  this December so stay tuned for further announcements.

THE SFC 2010

PS. To all bands/drivers contacting us RE upcoming tours of the UK please contact The Deathdrop (in our top friends on myspace) or other UK promoters RE getting gigs in London. ScumFest is an annual event and we do not book bands outside of ScumFest and Winterfest. Cheers