SF2009- the Aftermath

Once again thankyou to all the bands for making this years festival possible.
Also a huge thanx to those who attended, all the familiar faces and distro’s who support this DIY event.
As many people may know, the festival this year was hindered by the authoroties and an autonomous space was not possible. As a result we had to compromise with a ‘legit’ venue where alcohol prices/door security were things we could not prevent.
However we manged to raise £200 for each of the 3 benefits…. something we are happy with considering the extra costs and troubles we had in the 48hours before the festival began

Despite these troubles we hope all who attended had a good time.
We do our best to keep the entrance cost of Scumfest events as cheap and DIY as possible, however once again £6 entrance for 6 bands is obviously too much for some people, so your abuse on the door was much appreciated…. hope to se you all next year!
We are taking this years events as a learning curve, once again apologies for late notice on the venue, this was necessary as squatting in London for an event this size can only be done this way (even if it didn’t work this year!)
We are going to take a different approach to Scumfest next year… plans are being made, so watch this space…..

One struggle one fight,

The Scumfest Crew,