Student success triangle (ok, it's more like the triangle of life triangle ...)

Last Update on December 23, 2014.

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How many students do you know?

When you spend your years of your life and

” I don’t understand why people think we have debts to get a piece of paper that everyone else does.

As I thought about it, I have come to the conclusion that the students who do so massively limit their potential. In fact, they can only achieve.

As a student, your ability to reach yours.

  • Building relationships.
  • I refer collectively to these three areas.

    I came up with this illustration when I was doing podcasts.

    I used the triangle for the concept, because I want to emphasize it.

    That’s what you do in college, right? I will not spend too many words here; training is absolutely vital to your success …

    The more you learn, the more you update.

    “To be ignorant is not so much shame as an unwillingness to learn.” Benjamin Franklin.

    You become more capable of making accurate predictions, it’s better to be able to update your beliefs, based on evidence, and more able to do a little thing called.

    The ability to understand and combine information in.

    Your ability to participate in a global dance that is human life depends on your ability.

    If you don’t do charity, you need to create value to survive. In the end, money is just a quantitative representation of the cost-an effective way.

    To make money-the presentation of cost-you need to create this value. The more you can make, the better you-and, I hope, those around you will be. At the base rate you can get a job at McDonald’s and create a cost that will cost $8-$9/hour-but it won’t help you get closer to achieving your goals in the near future …

    Therefore, it is important to build up your ability to create values. At

    ” Do something … There is nothing more valuable than not satisfied, which only becomes fixation. If you find something broken that can be fixed for many people, you found a gold mine. “ -Paul Graham,

    Although, continue to delay good work and improve your skills, and in the end, you can find yourself a direction to the development agency and to bring it to yourself.

    It’s not just about the money: the better you get, the more profitable your work will be for those who use it …

    Finally, you need to realize that peace is a social place. Not much is done without.

    Of course, you can sit down and write a novel yourself. But no.Here’s another big tidbit from my talk Gary:

    ” The biggest reason I would send my children to college would be to hang out with friends and go to parties. The aspect of social maturity is the most important part of the college “.

    I don’t think Gary actually believes that separation is more important than learning or creating value; he stressed the importance of exploring ways to build relationships …

    In my opinion, this is the most launch area of the triangle. We go to class, do our assignments and read.

    But how often do we deliberately try to build relationships? You have a basic group of friends, but what are you doing on a regular basis for the expansion of the network?

    That’s what you do.

    All three areas-Learning, Value Creation and Relationship Building-need intentional, regular attention,

    Now, I mentioned earlier that all three areas complement each other, and I want this post to be rounded, at length, at this …

    In US politics, there is a concept called.

    Congress receives electoral support from interested groups and in exchange for draft laws favourable to them …

    Groups of interests to lobby what the bureaucracy wants, and in turn, enjoy a low level of regulation and, * ahem *, “special privilege.”

    The end of the triangle, the bureaucracy makes the choice in favor of politics and carries out things that benefit Congress and get political support and crazy money in return for return ..The dynamics of the Iron Triangle does not always work for the benefit of the American people as a whole, but they are.

    The same can be said for the party, taking part in “Student Success”-you. Each point in the triangle benefits another:

    And the last thing: as I mentioned in the title (in rather difficult form, I admit), “Student Success” is not just for students. You do not lose the need for improvement in these areas when you graduate-there is room for growth and improvement, for how long.

    Create a value, continuously learn, and build relationships. To actually reach your potential,

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